GeniSys™ 7586 24V Gas Burner Control

by Beckett
SKU 7586C0001U

7586 Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Control Manual 61925
7586T Cross Reference 62031

7586 Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Control Product Sheet 61983

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use in Single Rod and Dual Rod applications
  • 4 LEDs for improved diagnostics
  • Continuous retry standard – single or multiple trials for ignition optional
  • Convenient mounting using screws or fasteners
  • Selectable ignition timing 10-90 seconds
  • Selectable pre-purge timing 1-240 seconds
  • Selectable relight or recycle operation
  • The microprocessor is checked for proper operation before each cycle
  • Designed for use with gas valve connector plug
  • Available model (7586C) with manual reset button and non-volatile lockout
  • Communication Port links new alarm module and future products

Electrical Ratings

  • Electrical Ratings Voltage: 24 V (18-30 VAC) 50/60Hz
  • Control Current Draw (Run): 0.2 amps (control only)
  • Pilot Valve Rating: 2.0 amps
  • Main Valve Rating: 5.0 amps Note: On models with damper plug but no damper installed, total current draw for all gas valves must be less than 1.75 amps.
  • Minimum Flame Current Required: 1.0 µA
  • Flame Failure Response Time: 0.8 seconds (maximum)
  • Heat Anticipator Setting: 0.2 amps + gas valve current draw (control is not polarity sensitive)

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