Cat Pumps Multiple Gun Pressure Unloader #7592

SKU 7592

This Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader is designed for single or multiple pump, weep or multi-nozzle systems. This unloader maintains set system pressure and goes into by-pass with the release of the trigger or an obstruction downstream. Pressure is held in the line during by-pass with full pressure when the gun is opened or the obstruction cleared and minimal pressure fluctuation with the alternating use of multiple guns. 5-10% by-pass is necessary for optimum performance. Minimum 10 GPM per gun.
Data Sheet

Technical Specifications
Max Flow 52 gpm / 200 lpm
Min Flow 10 gpm / 38 lpm
Max Pressure 2500 psi
Inlet Port Size 1" NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 1" NPT(F)
Accessory Type Unloaders
Material Brass
By-Pass Port 1" NPT(F)

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