Cat Pumps Modular Pressure Unloader 7850

SKU 7850

This Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader is a special modular design that mounts directly onto the manifold head of the plunger pump model series 5CP (EXCEPT: 5CP4100 series and 5CP6120, 5CP6120CSSG1). This unloader maintains set system pressure while the gun is in use and drops to low pressure in by-pass when the trigger is released or an obstruction occurs downstream. 5-10% by-pass is recommended for optimum performance. This unloader comes with a built-in fixed chemical injector.
Data Sheet

Technical Specifications
Max Flow 6 gpm / 23 lpm
Min Flow 0.5 gpm / 1.9 lpm
Max Pressure 4000 psi
Inlet Port Size 1/2" NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 3/8" NPT(F)
Accessory Type Unloaders
Material Brass
By-Pass Port Built-in Channel

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